NOVER Logistics cares greatly about the environment. As a logistical service provider, we can contribute to reducing CO2 and particulate matter emissions.

LNG Fleet

Our wish to take care of the environment in a sustainable and responsable way has become reality.  In March 2012 we have renewed a part of our fleet by (bio) LNG trucks. LNG is obtained from organic waste. LNG produces far less CO2 than fossil fuels. NOVER Logistics makes a great sustainable step with the purchase of the LNG trucks.

Education & Certificates

NOVER Logistics is an acknowledged ‘Collective Transporter of Horticultural Products’. All our drivers are in possession of the certificate ‘Horticultural Driver’. We find it very important that our employees continue to develop their skills and knowledge in our profession. The quality of our logistic services remains this way on a high level.


NOVER Logistics is preparing at this moment the company for a HACCP audit. This system of fixed working method procedures guarantees the stable quality of groceries en food safety during transportation. We hope to implement the HACCP system for our fleet by the end of the year 2012.

Acknowledged VTL learning company

In the year 2010 we have obtained the VTL certificate of acknowledged learning company. By working and learning for a profession the yought can be more easily inspired for our profession. Most of the students want to keep on working at their learning company after their internship. The youth is our future!

Economical Driving

Economical driving is essential in every transportation company. It saves litres of fuel and lowers costs and CO2 emissions in the process. It applies to all of us. Every month we give specific tips and instructions. That way, we strive continuously to promote a driving style that uses less fuel. The driver can then professionalise his/her driving style and save fuel and emissions.